Collecting Football Programs

4 Nov

You can have a great time at a football or soccer game with some good memories even if your team loses!  A great way to recall those memories is to keep the souvenir program.  If you are a follower of your football team and go to all the away matches as well as the home games you will soon collect a lot of the match programs.  Now if you are doing that now it is a certainty that someone somewhere was doing the same thing years ago.  Most times these old programs will only come to light when the owner moves house or his wife finds that she needs room in the closet for more shoes.

If you have a collection of modern programs from your college days, or from the home town team that you follow now, sooner or later you will think about finding a program from that special game years ago when they won the league final against especially tough competition.  May be they played a visiting team from out of state – whatever a program will have team details and much more.  So you know that you want that special program from 1923, how do you  find out and how much is it worth?

With all collectables or memorabilia condition has a very direct bearing on the price.  The better the condition the higher the price simple as that.  The next consideration is rareity, many will have been printed but few will have survived and even fewer will be offered for sale when you want one.

There are of course stores specialising in football memorabilia and these can be a good source of programs.  However you will pay top dollar, which is fine if the store is near enough to be visited so you can see before you buy and decide for yourself if the football program is worth the price.  You can even haggle the price down, well sometimes any way.  However these days it is more likely that the store is based in a town in a state miles away but they do have a web site.  The price will still be top dollar but you will not be able to inspect the program before you buy it.  But how do you decide the value of a particular program?  One of the best ways to do this is to look for it in the sold listings part of e-bay.  Look at the sold listings and read them carefully.  If the program is described properly you can get a good impression of the general condition, remember the better the condition the higher the value.  Then take a look at the listings with the price in red, the unsold listings, read them and you will soon see why there were no takers.  Nine times out of ten if the item is being auctioned the starting price is at the top end of the prices that you found in the sold listings.  Same with the Buy it Now listings.  This research will help you to set a realistic value.

To find your special program go to


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